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rig_caps Struct Reference

#include <rig.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Rig data structure.

Basic rig type, can store some useful info about different radios. Each lib must be able to populate this structure, so we can make useful inquiries about capabilities.

The main idea of this struct is that it will be defined by the backend rig driver, and will remain readonly for the application. Fields that need to be modifiable by the application are copied into the struct rig_state, which is a kind of private of the RIG instance. This way, you can have several rigs running within the same application, sharing the struct rig_caps of the backend, while keeping their own customized data. NB: don't move fields around, as backend depends on it when initializing their caps.

Definition at line 1108 of file rig.h.

Public Attributes

ann_t announces
int attenuator [MAXDBLSTSIZ]
int bank_qty
struct confparamscfgparams
int chan_desc_sz
chan_t chan_list [CHANLSTSIZ]
const char * clone_combo_get
const char * clone_combo_set
const char * copyright
const tone_tctcss_list
dcd_type_t dcd_type
const tone_tdcs_list
int(* decode_event )(RIG *rig)
struct confparamsextlevels
struct confparamsextparms
struct filter_list filters [FLTLSTSIZ]
int(* get_ant )(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, ant_t *ant)
int(* get_chan_all_cb )(RIG *rig, chan_cb_t chan_cb, rig_ptr_t)
int(* get_channel )(RIG *rig, channel_t *chan)
int(* get_conf )(RIG *rig, token_t token, char *val)
int(* get_ctcss_sql )(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, tone_t *tone)
int(* get_ctcss_tone )(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, tone_t *tone)
int(* get_dcd )(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, dcd_t *dcd)
int(* get_dcs_code )(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, tone_t *code)
int(* get_dcs_sql )(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, tone_t *code)
int(* get_ext_level )(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, token_t token, value_t *val)
int(* get_ext_parm )(RIG *rig, token_t token, value_t *val)
int(* get_freq )(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, freq_t *freq)
int(* get_func )(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, setting_t func, int *status)
const char *(* get_info )(RIG *rig)
int(* get_level )(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, setting_t level, value_t *val)
int(* get_mem )(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, int *ch)
int(* get_mem_all_cb )(RIG *rig, chan_cb_t chan_cb, confval_cb_t parm_cb, rig_ptr_t)
int(* get_mode )(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, rmode_t *mode, pbwidth_t *width)
int(* get_parm )(RIG *rig, setting_t parm, value_t *val)
int(* get_powerstat )(RIG *rig, powerstat_t *status)
int(* get_ptt )(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, ptt_t *ptt)
int(* get_rit )(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, shortfreq_t *rit)
int(* get_rptr_offs )(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, shortfreq_t *offs)
int(* get_rptr_shift )(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, rptr_shift_t *rptr_shift)
int(* get_split_freq )(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, freq_t *tx_freq)
int(* get_split_mode )(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, rmode_t *tx_mode, pbwidth_t *tx_width)
int(* get_split_vfo )(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, split_t *split, vfo_t *tx_vfo)
int(* get_tone )(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, tone_t *tone)
int(* get_tone_sql )(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, tone_t *tone)
int(* get_trn )(RIG *rig, int *trn)
int(* get_ts )(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, shortfreq_t *ts)
int(* get_vfo )(RIG *rig, vfo_t *vfo)
int(* get_xit )(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, shortfreq_t *xit)
setting_t has_get_func
setting_t has_get_level
setting_t has_get_parm
setting_t has_set_func
setting_t has_set_level
setting_t has_set_parm
gran_t level_gran [RIG_SETTING_MAX]
shortfreq_t max_ifshift
shortfreq_t max_rit
shortfreq_t max_xit
const char * mfg_name
const char * model_name
int(* mW2power )(RIG *rig, float *power, unsigned int mwpower, freq_t freq, rmode_t mode)
gran_t parm_gran [RIG_SETTING_MAX]
rig_port_t port_type
int post_write_delay
int(* power2mW )(RIG *rig, unsigned int *mwpower, float power, freq_t freq, rmode_t mode)
int preamp [MAXDBLSTSIZ]
const rig_ptr_t priv
ptt_type_t ptt_type
int(* recv_dtmf )(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, char *digits, int *length)
int(* reset )(RIG *rig, reset_t reset)
int retry
int(* rig_cleanup )(RIG *rig)
int(* rig_close )(RIG *rig)
int(* rig_init )(RIG *rig)
rig_model_t rig_model
int(* rig_open )(RIG *rig)
int rig_type
freq_range_t rx_range_list1 [FRQRANGESIZ]
freq_range_t rx_range_list2 [FRQRANGESIZ]
int(* scan )(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, scan_t scan, int ch)
scan_t scan_ops
int(* send_dtmf )(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, const char *digits)
int(* send_morse )(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, const char *msg)
int serial_data_bits
enum serial_handshake_e serial_handshake
enum serial_parity_e serial_parity
int serial_rate_max
int serial_rate_min
int serial_stop_bits
int(* set_ant )(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, ant_t ant)
int(* set_bank )(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, int bank)
int(* set_chan_all_cb )(RIG *rig, chan_cb_t chan_cb, rig_ptr_t)
int(* set_channel )(RIG *rig, const channel_t *chan)
int(* set_conf )(RIG *rig, token_t token, const char *val)
int(* set_ctcss_sql )(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, tone_t tone)
int(* set_ctcss_tone )(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, tone_t tone)
int(* set_dcs_code )(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, tone_t code)
int(* set_dcs_sql )(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, tone_t code)
int(* set_ext_level )(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, token_t token, value_t val)
int(* set_ext_parm )(RIG *rig, token_t token, value_t val)
int(* set_freq )(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, freq_t freq)
int(* set_func )(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, setting_t func, int status)
int(* set_level )(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, setting_t level, value_t val)
int(* set_mem )(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, int ch)
int(* set_mem_all_cb )(RIG *rig, chan_cb_t chan_cb, confval_cb_t parm_cb, rig_ptr_t)
int(* set_mode )(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, rmode_t mode, pbwidth_t width)
int(* set_parm )(RIG *rig, setting_t parm, value_t val)
int(* set_powerstat )(RIG *rig, powerstat_t status)
int(* set_ptt )(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, ptt_t ptt)
int(* set_rit )(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, shortfreq_t rit)
int(* set_rptr_offs )(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, shortfreq_t offs)
int(* set_rptr_shift )(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, rptr_shift_t rptr_shift)
int(* set_split_freq )(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, freq_t tx_freq)
int(* set_split_mode )(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, rmode_t tx_mode, pbwidth_t tx_width)
int(* set_split_vfo )(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, split_t split, vfo_t tx_vfo)
int(* set_tone )(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, tone_t tone)
int(* set_tone_sql )(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, tone_t tone)
int(* set_trn )(RIG *rig, int trn)
int(* set_ts )(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, shortfreq_t ts)
int(* set_vfo )(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo)
int(* set_xit )(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, shortfreq_t xit)
enum rig_status_e status
cal_table_t str_cal
int targetable_vfo
int timeout
int transceive
struct tuning_step_list tuning_steps [TSLSTSIZ]
freq_range_t tx_range_list1 [FRQRANGESIZ]
freq_range_t tx_range_list2 [FRQRANGESIZ]
const char * version
int(* vfo_op )(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, vfo_op_t op)
vfo_op_t vfo_ops
int write_delay

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