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void HAMLIB_API rig_debug ( enum rig_debug_level_e  debug_level,
const char *  fmt,

Default is debugging messages are done through stderr.


Definition at line 126 of file debug.c.

References rig_need_debug().

Referenced by dump_hex(), network_open(), par_dcd_get(), par_lock(), par_open(), par_ptt_get(), par_ptt_set(), par_read_control(), par_read_data(), par_read_status(), par_unlock(), par_write_control(), par_write_data(), read_block(), read_string(), rig_cleanup(), rig_close(), rig_init(), rig_open(), rig_set_trn(), serial_open(), serial_setup(), tt565_get_ant(), tt565_get_freq(), tt565_get_func(), tt565_get_info(), tt565_get_level(), tt565_get_mode(), tt565_get_ptt(), tt565_get_rit(), tt565_get_split_vfo(), tt565_get_ts(), tt565_get_xit(), tt565_reset(), tt565_set_ant(), tt565_set_func(), tt565_set_level(), tt565_set_mode(), tt565_transaction(), tt565_vfo_op(), which_receiver(), which_vfo(), and write_block().

      va_list ap;

      if (!rig_need_debug(debug_level))

      va_start(ap, fmt);

      if (rig_vprintf_cb) {

            rig_vprintf_cb(debug_level, rig_vprintf_arg, fmt, ap);

      } else {
            if (!rig_debug_stream)
                  rig_debug_stream = stderr;

            vfprintf (rig_debug_stream, fmt, ap);


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