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int HAMLIB_API rig_probe_all ( hamlib_port_t port,
rig_probe_func_t  cfunc,
rig_ptr_t  data 

try to guess rigs

port A pointer describing a port linking the host to the rigs
cfunc Function to be called each time a rig is found
data Arbitrary data passed to cfunc
Try to guess what are the model of all rigs attached to the port. It can be very buggy, and mess up the radio at the other end. (but fun if it works!)

this is really Experimental, It has been tested only with IC-706MkIIG. any feedback welcome! --SF
RIG_OK if the operation has been sucessful, otherwise a negative value if an error occured (in which case, cause is set appropriately).

Definition at line 2539 of file rig.c.

References RIG_EINVAL.

      if (!port)
            return -RIG_EINVAL;

      return rig_probe_all_backends(port, cfunc, data);

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