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int HAMLIB_API rot_token_foreach ( ROT rot,
int(*)(const struct confparams *, rig_ptr_t)  cfunc,
rig_ptr_t  data 

Executes cfunc on all the elements stored in the conf table.

rot non-null
cfunc function(..)
data start first with backend conf table, then finish with frontend table

Definition at line 317 of file rot_conf.c.

References rot::caps, rot_caps::cfgparams, confparams::name, RIG_EINVAL, and RIG_OK.

      const struct confparams *cfp;

      if (!rot || !rot->caps || !cfunc)
            return -RIG_EINVAL;

      for (cfp = rot->caps->cfgparams; cfp && cfp->name; cfp++)
            if ((*cfunc)(cfp, data) == 0)
                  return RIG_OK;
      for (cfp = rotfrontend_cfg_params; cfp->name; cfp++)
            if ((*cfunc)(cfp, data) == 0)
                  return RIG_OK;
      return RIG_OK;

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