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file  cal.c
 Calibration routines.
file  debug.c
 control hamlib debugging functions
file  misc.c
 Miscellaneous utility routines.
file  network.c
 Network port IO.
file  parallel.c
 Parallel Port IO.
file  serial.c
 Serial port IO.
file  token.h
 Token definitions.
file  usb_port.c


struct  addrinfo


#define _TOKEN_H   1
#define CLOSE   close
#define CP_ACTIVE_LOW_BITS   0x0B
#define DUMP_HEX_WIDTH   16
#define IOCTL   ioctl
#define IS_TOKEN_FRONTEND(t)   ((t)&(1<<30))
 Test for token - frontend?
#define llabs(a)   ((a)<0?-(a):(a))
#define OPEN   open
#define port_read(p, b, c)   read((p)->fd,(b),(c))
#define port_select(p, n, r, w, e, t)   select((n),(r),(w),(e),(t))
#define port_write(p, b, c)   write((p)->fd,(b),(c))
#define SP_ACTIVE_LOW_BITS   0x80
 Null backend token.
 No. data bits per serial character.
 Serial Data Terminal Ready status.
 Null frontend token.
 Serial Handshake (format?).
 rig: International Telecommunications Union region no.
 rot: Maximum Azimuth
 rot: Maximum Elevation
 rot: Minimum Azimuth
 rot: Minimum Elevation
 Serial parity (format?).
 Pathname is device for rig control, e.g. /dev/ttyS0.
 rig: polling interval (units?)
 Delay after serial output (units?).
 Number of retries permitted.
 Serial Req. To Send status.
 Serial speed - "baud rate".
 No. stop bits per serial character.
 Timeout delay (units?).
 rig: ??
 Delay before serial output (units?).
#define TOKEN_BACKEND(t)   (t)
 Create a backend token, t.
#define TOKEN_FRONTEND(t)   ((t)|(1<<30))
 Create a frontend token, t.


void dump_hex (const unsigned char ptr[], size_t size)
 Do a hex dump of the unsigned char array.
static void freeaddrinfo (struct addrinfo *res)
unsigned long long HAMLIB_API from_bcd (const unsigned char bcd_data[], unsigned bcd_len)
 Convert BCD digits, little-endian, to a long long (e.g. frequency in Hz).
unsigned long long HAMLIB_API from_bcd_be (const unsigned char bcd_data[], unsigned bcd_len)
 Convert 4-bit BCD digits to binary, big-endian.
static const char * gai_strerror (int errcode)
static int getaddrinfo (const char *node, const char *service, const struct addrinfo *hints, struct addrinfo **res)
int network_close (hamlib_port_t *rp)
int network_open (hamlib_port_t *rp, int default_port)
 Open network port using rig.state data.
int par_close (hamlib_port_t *port)
 Close Parallel Port.
int par_dcd_get (hamlib_port_t *p, dcd_t *dcdx)
 get Data Carrier Detect (squelch) from Parallel Port
int HAMLIB_API par_lock (hamlib_port_t *port)
 Get a lock on the Parallel Port.
int par_open (hamlib_port_t *port)
 Open Parallel Port.
int par_ptt_get (hamlib_port_t *p, ptt_t *pttx)
 Get state of Push to Talk from Parallel Port.
int par_ptt_set (hamlib_port_t *p, ptt_t pttx)
 Set or unset Push to talk bit on Parallel Port.
int HAMLIB_API par_read_control (hamlib_port_t *port, unsigned char *control)
 Read control data for Parallel Port.
int HAMLIB_API par_read_data (hamlib_port_t *port, unsigned char *data)
 Receive data on Parallel port.
int HAMLIB_API par_read_status (hamlib_port_t *port, unsigned char *status)
 Get parallel port status.
int HAMLIB_API par_unlock (hamlib_port_t *port)
 Release lock on Parallel Port.
int HAMLIB_API par_write_control (hamlib_port_t *port, unsigned char control)
 Set control data for Parallel Port.
int HAMLIB_API par_write_data (hamlib_port_t *port, unsigned char data)
 Send data on Parallel port.
int HAMLIB_API read_block (hamlib_port_t *p, char *rxbuffer, size_t count)
 Read bytes from an fd.
int HAMLIB_API read_string (hamlib_port_t *p, char *rxbuffer, size_t rxmax, const char *stopset, int stopset_len)
 Read a string from an fd.
void HAMLIB_API rig_debug (enum rig_debug_level_e debug_level, const char *fmt,...)
 Default is debugging messages are done through stderr.
int HAMLIB_API rig_need_debug (enum rig_debug_level_e debug_level)
 Useful for dump_hex, etc.
setting_t HAMLIB_API rig_parse_func (const char *s)
 Convert alpha string to enum RIG_FUNC_...
setting_t HAMLIB_API rig_parse_level (const char *s)
 Convert alpha string to enum RIG_LEVEL_...
rmode_t HAMLIB_API rig_parse_mode (const char *s)
 Convert alpha string to enum RIG_MODE.
chan_type_t HAMLIB_API rig_parse_mtype (const char *s)
 Convert alpha string to enum RIG_MTYPE_...
setting_t HAMLIB_API rig_parse_parm (const char *s)
 Convert alpha string to RIG_PARM_...
rptr_shift_t HAMLIB_API rig_parse_rptr_shift (const char *s)
 Convert alpha char to enum RIG_RPT_SHIFT_...
scan_t HAMLIB_API rig_parse_scan (const char *s)
 Convert alpha string to enum RIG_SCAN_...
vfo_t HAMLIB_API rig_parse_vfo (const char *s)
 Convert alpha string to enum RIG_VFO_...
vfo_op_t HAMLIB_API rig_parse_vfo_op (const char *s)
 Convert alpha string to enum RIG_OP_...
float HAMLIB_API rig_raw2val (int rawval, const cal_table_t *cal)
 Convert raw S-meter data to calibated value, according to table.
void HAMLIB_API rig_set_debug (enum rig_debug_level_e debug_level)
 Change the current debug level.
vprintf_cb_t HAMLIB_API rig_set_debug_callback (vprintf_cb_t cb, rig_ptr_t arg)
 set callback to handle debug messages
FILE *HAMLIB_API rig_set_debug_file (FILE *stream)
 change stderr to some different output
const char *HAMLIB_API rig_strfunc (setting_t func)
 Convert enum RIG_FUNC_... to alpha string.
const char *HAMLIB_API rig_strlevel (setting_t level)
 Convert enum RIG_LEVEL_... to alpha string.
const char *HAMLIB_API rig_strmtype (chan_type_t mtype)
 Convert enum RIG_MTYPE_... to alpha string.
const char *HAMLIB_API rig_strparm (setting_t parm)
 Convert enum RIG_PARM_... to alpha string.
const char *HAMLIB_API rig_strptrshift (rptr_shift_t shift)
 convert enum RIG_RPT_SHIFT_... to printable character
const char *HAMLIB_API rig_strrmode (rmode_t mode)
 Convert enum RIG_MODE to alpha string.
const char *HAMLIB_API rig_strscan (scan_t rscan)
 Convert enum RIG_SCAN_... to alpha string.
const char *HAMLIB_API rig_strstatus (enum rig_status_e status)
 Convert enum RIG_STATUS_... to printable string.
const char *HAMLIB_API rig_strvfo (vfo_t vfo)
 Convert enum RIG_VFO_... to alpha string.
const char *HAMLIB_API rig_strvfop (vfo_op_t op)
 Convert enum RIG_OP_... to alpha string.
int ser_close (hamlib_port_t *p)
 Close serial port.
int HAMLIB_API ser_get_car (hamlib_port_t *p, int *state)
 Get Carrier (CI?) bit.
int HAMLIB_API ser_get_cts (hamlib_port_t *p, int *state)
 Get Clear to Send (CTS) bit.
int HAMLIB_API ser_get_dsr (hamlib_port_t *p, int *state)
 Get Data Set Ready (DSR) bit.
int HAMLIB_API ser_get_dtr (hamlib_port_t *p, int *state)
 Get DTR bit.
int HAMLIB_API ser_get_rts (hamlib_port_t *p, int *state)
 Get RTS bit.
int ser_open (hamlib_port_t *p)
 Open serial port.
int HAMLIB_API ser_set_brk (hamlib_port_t *p, int state)
 Set Break.
int HAMLIB_API ser_set_dtr (hamlib_port_t *p, int state)
 Set Data Terminal Ready (DTR) bit.
int HAMLIB_API ser_set_rts (hamlib_port_t *p, int state)
 Set Request to Send (RTS) bit.
int HAMLIB_API serial_flush (hamlib_port_t *p)
 Flush all characters waiting in RX buffer.
int HAMLIB_API serial_open (hamlib_port_t *rp)
 Open serial port using rig.state data.
int HAMLIB_API serial_setup (hamlib_port_t *rp)
 Set up Serial port according to requests in port.
int HAMLIB_API sprintf_freq (char *str, freq_t freq)
 Pretty print a frequency.
unsigned char *HAMLIB_API to_bcd (unsigned char bcd_data[], unsigned long long freq, unsigned bcd_len)
 Convert from binary to 4-bit BCD digits, little-endian.
unsigned char *HAMLIB_API to_bcd_be (unsigned char bcd_data[], unsigned long long freq, unsigned bcd_len)
 Convert from binary to 4-bit BCD digits, big-endian.
int usb_port_close (hamlib_port_t *port)
int usb_port_open (hamlib_port_t *port)
int HAMLIB_API write_block (hamlib_port_t *p, const char *txbuffer, size_t count)
 Write a block of characters to an fd.


struct {
   setting_t   func
   const char *   str
func_str []
struct {
   setting_t   level
   const char *   str
level_str []
struct {
   rmode_t   mode
   const char *   str
mode_str []
struct {
   chan_type_t   mtype
   const char *   str
mtype_str []
struct {
   setting_t   parm
   const char *   str
parm_str []
static int rig_debug_level = RIG_DEBUG_TRACE
static FILE * rig_debug_stream
static rig_ptr_t rig_vprintf_arg
static vprintf_cb_t rig_vprintf_cb
struct {
   scan_t   rscan
   const char *   str
scan_str []
struct {
   const char *   str
   vfo_op_t   vfo_op
vfo_op_str []
struct {
   const char *   str
   vfo_t   vfo
vfo_str []

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