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static int tt565_set_split_vfo ( RIG rig,
vfo_t  vfo,
split_t  split,
vfo_t  tx_vfo 

Set split operating mode.

rig must != NULL
vfo Rx vfo specifier token
split (ignored - why?)
tx_vfo Tx vfo specifier token
RIG_OK or < 0 Sets Main Rx to "vfo"( A or B) , Main Tx to "tx_vfo" (A, B, or N).
Sub Rx is set to "None". That should be fixed!

Definition at line 452 of file orion.c.

References EOM, tt565_transaction(), and which_vfo().

      int cmd_len, retval;
      char cmdbuf[TT565_BUFSIZE];

      cmd_len = sprintf (cmdbuf, "*KV%c%c%c" EOM, 
                  which_vfo(rig, vfo),
                  'N',              /* FIXME */
                  which_vfo(rig, tx_vfo));

      retval = tt565_transaction (rig, cmdbuf, cmd_len, NULL, NULL);

      return retval;

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