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tentec.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Includes for Tentec Backends.

Definition in file tentec.h.

#include <hamlib/rig.h>

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struct  tentec_priv_data
 Private tentec info. More...


#define _TENTEC_H   1


int tentec_cleanup (RIG *rig)
int tentec_get_freq (RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, freq_t *freq)
const char * tentec_get_info (RIG *rig)
int tentec_get_level (RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, setting_t level, value_t *val)
int tentec_get_mode (RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, rmode_t *mode, pbwidth_t *width)
int tentec_init (RIG *rig)
int tentec_set_freq (RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, freq_t freq)
int tentec_set_level (RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, setting_t level, value_t val)
int tentec_set_mode (RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, rmode_t mode, pbwidth_t width)
int tentec_transaction (RIG *rig, const char *cmd, int cmd_len, char *data, int *data_len)
int tentec_trx_open (RIG *rig)


struct rig_caps rx320_caps
struct rig_caps rx340_caps
struct rig_caps rx350_caps
struct rig_caps tt516_caps
struct rig_caps tt538_caps
struct rig_caps tt550_caps
struct rig_caps tt565_caps
 tt565 transceiver capabilities.

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