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locator.c File Reference

locator and bearing conversion interface More...

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <ctype.h>
#include <math.h>
#include <hamlib/rotator.h>
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#define ARC_IN_KM   111.2
#define RADIAN   (180.0 / M_PI)


double HAMLIB_API azimuth_long_path (double azimuth)
 Calculate the long path bearing between two points.
int HAMLIB_API dec2dmmm (double dec, int *degrees, double *minutes, int *sw)
 Convert a decimal angle into D M.MMM notation.
int HAMLIB_API dec2dms (double dec, int *degrees, int *minutes, double *seconds, int *sw)
 Convert decimal degrees angle into DMS notation.
double HAMLIB_API distance_long_path (double distance)
 Calculate the long path distance between two points.
double HAMLIB_API dmmm2dec (int degrees, double minutes, int sw)
 Convert D M.MMM notation to decimal degrees.
double HAMLIB_API dms2dec (int degrees, int minutes, double seconds, int sw)
 Convert DMS to decimal degrees.
int HAMLIB_API locator2longlat (double *longitude, double *latitude, const char *locator)
 Convert Maidenhead grid locator to Longitude/Latitude.
int HAMLIB_API longlat2locator (double longitude, double latitude, char *locator, int pair_count)
 Convert longitude/latitude to Maidenhead grid locator.
int HAMLIB_API qrb (double lon1, double lat1, double lon2, double lat2, double *distance, double *azimuth)
 Calculate the distance and bearing between two points.


static const int loc_char_range [] = { 18, 10, 24, 10, 24, 10 }

Detailed Description

locator and bearing conversion interface

Stephane Fillod and the Hamlib Group

Hamlib Interface - locator, bearing, and conversion calls

Definition in file locator.c.

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