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int HAMLIB_API rot_token_foreach ( ROT rot,
int(*)(const struct confparams *, rig_ptr_t)  cfunc,
rig_ptr_t  data 

Executes cfunc on all the elements stored in the conf table.

datastart first with backend conf table, then finish with frontend table

Definition at line 303 of file rot_conf.c.

References rot::caps, rot_caps::cfgparams, confparams::name, RIG_EINVAL, and RIG_OK.

      const struct confparams *cfp;

      if (!rot || !rot->caps || !cfunc)
            return -RIG_EINVAL;

      for (cfp = rot->caps->cfgparams; cfp && cfp->name; cfp++)
            if ((*cfunc)(cfp, data) == 0)
                  return RIG_OK;
      for (cfp = rotfrontend_cfg_params; cfp->name; cfp++)
            if ((*cfunc)(cfp, data) == 0)
                  return RIG_OK;
      return RIG_OK;

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