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int foreach_opened_rig ( int(*)(RIG *, rig_ptr_t)  cfunc,
rig_ptr_t  data 

execs cfunc() on each opened rig

cfunc The function to be executed on each rig
data Data pointer to be passed to cfunc()
Calls cfunc() function for each opened rig. The contents of the opened rig table is processed in random order according to a function pointed to by cfunc, whic is called with two arguments, the first pointing to the RIG handle, the second to a data pointer data. If data is not needed, then it can be set to NULL. The processing of the opened rig table is stopped when cfunc() returns 0.

For internal use only.

always RIG_OK.

Definition at line 196 of file rig.c.

References RIG_OK.

      struct opened_rig_l *p;

      for (p=opened_rig_list; p; p=p->next) {
            if ((*cfunc)(p->rig,data) == 0)
                  return RIG_OK;
      return RIG_OK;

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