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double HAMLIB_API dmmm2dec ( int  degrees,
double  minutes,
int  sw 

Convert D M.MMM notation to decimal degrees.

degrees Degrees, whole degrees
minutes Minutes, decimal minutes
sw South or West
Convert a degrees, decimal minutes notation common on many GPS units to its decimal degrees value.

degrees > 360, minutes > 60.0 are allowed, but resulting angle won't be normalized.

When the variable sw is passed a value of 1, the returned decimal degrees value will be negative (south or west). When passed a value of 0 the returned decimal degrees value will be positive (north or east).

The angle in decimal degrees.
See also:

Definition at line 183 of file locator.c.

      double st;

      if (degrees < 0)
            degrees = abs(degrees);
      if (minutes < 0)
            minutes = fabs(minutes);

      st = (double)degrees + minutes / 60.;

      if (sw == 1)
            return -st;
            return st;

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