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i2cio Class Reference

#include <i2cio.h>

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Detailed Description

abstract class that implements low level i/o for i2c bus.

Definition at line 37 of file i2cio.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual bool get_sda ()=0
int get_udelay_scl_hi ()
int get_udelay_scl_lo ()
int get_udelay_sda_hi ()
int get_udelay_sda_lo ()
virtual void lock ()=0
virtual void set_scl (bool state)=0
virtual void set_sda (bool state)=0
void set_udelay_scl_hi (int usecs)
void set_udelay_scl_lo (int usecs)
void set_udelay_sda_hi (int usecs)
void set_udelay_sda_lo (int usecs)
virtual void unlock ()=0

Private Attributes

int udelay_scl_hi
int udelay_scl_lo
int udelay_sda_hi
int udelay_sda_lo

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