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setting_t HAMLIB_API rig_has_get_func ( RIG rig,
setting_t  func 

check ability of radio functions

rig The rig handle
func The functions
Checks if a rig supports a set of functions. Since the func is an OR'ed bitwise argument, more than one function can be checked at the same time.

EXAMPLE: if (rig_has_get_func(my_rig,RIG_FUNC_FAGC)) disp_fagc_button();

a bit map of supported functions, otherwise 0 if none supported.
See also:
rig_has_set_func(), rig_get_func()

Definition at line 345 of file settings.c.

References caps, rig_state::has_get_func, and state.

Referenced by rig_get_func().

      if (!rig || !rig->caps)
            return 0;

      return (rig->state.has_get_func & func);

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