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int HAMLIB_API rot_set_conf ( ROT rot,
token_t  token,
const char *  val 

set a rotator configuration parameter

rot The rot handle
token The parameter
val The value to set the parameter to
Sets a configuration parameter.

RIG_OK if the operation has been sucessful, otherwise a negative value if an error occured (in which case, cause is set appropriately).
See also:

Definition at line 451 of file rotator.c.

References rot::caps, and rot_caps::set_conf.

      if (!rot || !rot->caps)
            return -RIG_EINVAL;

      if (IS_TOKEN_FRONTEND(token))
            return frontrot_set_conf(rot, token, val);

      if (rot->caps->set_conf == NULL)
            return -RIG_ENAVAIL;

      return rot->caps->set_conf(rot, token, val);

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