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const freq_range_t* HAMLIB_API rig_get_range ( const freq_range_t  range_list[],
freq_t  freq,
rmode_t  mode 

find the freq_range of freq/mode

range_list The range list to search from
freq The frequency that will be part of this range
mode The mode that will be part of this range
Returns a pointer to the freq_range_t including freq and mode. Works for rx and tx range list as well.

the location of the freq_range_t if found, otherwise NULL if not found or if range_list is invalid.

Definition at line 2728 of file rig.c.

Referenced by rig_mW2power(), and rig_power2mW().

      int i;

      for (i=0; i<FRQRANGESIZ; i++) {
            if (range_list[i].start == 0 && range_list[i].end == 0) {
                  return NULL;
            if (freq >= range_list[i].start && freq <= range_list[i].end &&
                        (range_list[i].modes & mode)) {
                  return &range_list[i];
      return NULL;

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