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channel Struct Reference

#include <rig.h>

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Detailed Description

Channel structure.

The channel struct stores all the attributes peculiar to a VFO.

See also:
rig_set_channel, rig_get_channel

Definition at line 837 of file rig.h.

Public Attributes

int ant
int bank_num
char channel_desc [MAXCHANDESC]
int channel_num
tone_t ctcss_sql
tone_t ctcss_tone
tone_t dcs_code
tone_t dcs_sql
struct ext_listext_levels
int flags
freq_t freq
setting_t funcs
value_t levels [RIG_SETTING_MAX]
rmode_t mode
shortfreq_t rit
shortfreq_t rptr_offs
rptr_shift_t rptr_shift
int scan_group
split_t split
shortfreq_t tuning_step
freq_t tx_freq
rmode_t tx_mode
vfo_t tx_vfo
pbwidth_t tx_width
vfo_t vfo
pbwidth_t width
shortfreq_t xit

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