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pbwidth_t HAMLIB_API rig_passband_normal ( RIG rig,
rmode_t  mode 

get the normal passband of a mode

rig The rig handle
mode The mode to get the passband
Returns the normal (default) passband for the given mode.

the passband in Hz if the operation has been sucessful, or a 0 if an error occured (passband not found, whatever).
See also:
rig_passband_narrow(), rig_passband_wide()

Definition at line 922 of file rig.c.

References rig_state::filters, filter_list::modes, rig::state, and filter_list::width.

            const struct rig_state *rs;
            int i;

            if (!rig)
                        return 0;   /* huhu! */

            rs = &rig->state;

            for (i=0; i<FLTLSTSIZ && rs->filters[i].modes; i++) {
                        if (rs->filters[i].modes & mode) {
                                    return rs->filters[i].width;

            return 0;

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