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Public Attributes

rot_caps Struct Reference

Rotator data structure. More...

#include <rotator.h>

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Public Attributes

struct confparamscfgparams
const char * copyright
int(* get_conf )(ROT *rot, token_t token, char *val)
const char *(* get_info )(ROT *rot)
int(* get_position )(ROT *rot, azimuth_t *azimuth, elevation_t *elevation)
azimuth_t max_az
elevation_t max_el
const char * mfg_name
azimuth_t min_az
elevation_t min_el
const char * model_name
int(* move )(ROT *rot, int direction, int speed)
int(* park )(ROT *rot)
enum rig_port_e port_type
int post_write_delay
const rig_ptr_t priv
int(* reset )(ROT *rot, rot_reset_t reset)
int retry
int(* rot_cleanup )(ROT *rot)
int(* rot_close )(ROT *rot)
int(* rot_init )(ROT *rot)
rot_model_t rot_model
int(* rot_open )(ROT *rot)
int rot_type
int serial_data_bits
enum serial_handshake_e serial_handshake
enum serial_parity_e serial_parity
int serial_rate_max
int serial_rate_min
int serial_stop_bits
int(* set_conf )(ROT *rot, token_t token, const char *val)
int(* set_position )(ROT *rot, azimuth_t azimuth, elevation_t elevation)
enum rig_status_e status
int(* stop )(ROT *rot)
int timeout
const char * version
int write_delay

Detailed Description

Rotator data structure.

Rotator Caps

The main idea of this struct is that it will be defined by the backend rotator driver, and will remain readonly for the application. Fields that need to be modifiable by the application are copied into the struct rot_state, which is a kind of private of the ROT instance. This way, you can have several rigs running within the same application, sharing the struct rot_caps of the backend, while keeping their own customized data. NB: don't move fields around, as backend depends on it when initializing their caps.

Definition at line 186 of file rotator.h.

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