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 *  Hamlib Kenwood backend - main header
 *  Copyright (c) 2000-2009 by Stephane Fillod
 *   This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
 *   it under the terms of the GNU Library General Public License as
 *   published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of
 *   the License, or (at your option) any later version.
 *   This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 *   but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 *   GNU Library General Public License for more details.
 *   You should have received a copy of the GNU Library General Public
 *   License along with this library; if not, write to the Free Software
 *   Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.

#ifndef _KENWOOD_H
#define _KENWOOD_H 1

#include <string.h>
#include "token.h"

#define BACKEND_VER     "0.8"

#define EOM_KEN ';'
#define EOM_TH '\r'

#define KENWOOD_MODE_TABLE_MAX      10
#define KENWOOD_MAX_BUF_LEN         50 /* max answer len, arbitrary */

/* Tokens for Parameters common to multiple rigs.
 * Use token # >= 1 or <= 100.  Defined here so they will be
 * available in Kenwood name space.
#define TOK_XIT         TOKEN_BACKEND(3)
#define TOK_RIT         TOKEN_BACKEND(4)

/* Token structure assigned to .cfgparams in rig_caps */
extern const struct confparams kenwood_cfg_params[];

 * modes in use by the "MD" command
#define MD_NONE '0'
#define MD_LSB  '1'
#define MD_USB  '2'
#define MD_CW   '3'
#define MD_FM   '4'
#define MD_AM   '5'
#define MD_FSK  '6'
#define MD_CWR  '7'
#define MD_FSKR '9'

00062 struct kenwood_priv_caps {
    char cmdtrm;        /* Command termination chars (ken=';' or th='\r') */
    int if_len;               /* length of IF; anwser */
    rmode_t *mode_table;

00068 struct kenwood_priv_data {
    char info[KENWOOD_MAX_BUF_LEN];
    split_t split;            /* current split state */
    int k2_ext_lvl;           /* Initial K2 extension level */
    int k3_ext_lvl;           /* Initial K3 extension level */
    int k2_md_rtty;           /* K2 RTTY mode available flag, 1 = RTTY, 0 = N/A */

#define kenwood_caps(rig) ((struct kenwood_priv_caps *)(rig)->caps->priv)

extern rmode_t kenwood_mode_table[KENWOOD_MODE_TABLE_MAX];

extern const tone_t kenwood38_ctcss_list[];

int kenwood_transaction(RIG *rig, const char *cmd, int cmd_len, char *data,
                        size_t *data_len);
int kenwood_safe_transaction(RIG *rig, const char *cmd, char *buf,
                        size_t buf_size, size_t expected);

rmode_t kenwood2rmode(unsigned char mode, const rmode_t mode_table[]);
char rmode2kenwood(rmode_t mode, const rmode_t mode_table[]);

int kenwood_init(RIG *rig);
int kenwood_cleanup(RIG *rig);
int kenwood_open(RIG *rig);

int kenwood_set_vfo(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo);
int kenwood_get_vfo_if(RIG *rig, vfo_t *vfo);
int kenwood_set_split_vfo(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo , split_t split, vfo_t txvfo);
int kenwood_get_split_vfo_if(RIG *rig, vfo_t rxvfo, split_t *split, vfo_t *txvfo);

int kenwood_set_freq(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, freq_t freq);
int kenwood_get_freq(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, freq_t *freq);
int kenwood_get_freq_if(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, freq_t *freq);
int kenwood_set_rit(RIG * rig, vfo_t vfo, shortfreq_t rit);
int kenwood_get_rit(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, shortfreq_t * rit);
int kenwood_set_xit(RIG * rig, vfo_t vfo, shortfreq_t rit);
int kenwood_get_xit(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, shortfreq_t * rit);
int kenwood_set_mode(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, rmode_t mode, pbwidth_t width);
int kenwood_get_mode(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, rmode_t *mode, pbwidth_t *width);
int kenwood_get_mode_if(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, rmode_t *mode, pbwidth_t *width);
int kenwood_set_level(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, setting_t level, value_t val);
int kenwood_get_level(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, setting_t level, value_t *val);
int kenwood_set_func(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, setting_t func, int status);
int kenwood_get_func(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, setting_t func, int *status);
int kenwood_set_ext_parm(RIG *rig, token_t token, value_t val);
int kenwood_get_ext_parm(RIG *rig, token_t token, value_t *val);
int kenwood_set_ctcss_tone(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, tone_t tone);
int kenwood_set_ctcss_tone_tn(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, tone_t tone);
int kenwood_get_ctcss_tone(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, tone_t *tone);
int kenwood_set_powerstat(RIG *rig, powerstat_t status);
int kenwood_get_powerstat(RIG *rig, powerstat_t *status);
int kenwood_reset(RIG *rig, reset_t reset);
int kenwood_send_morse(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, const char *msg);
int kenwood_set_ant (RIG * rig, vfo_t vfo, ant_t ant);
int kenwood_set_ant_no_ack(RIG * rig, vfo_t vfo, ant_t ant);
int kenwood_get_ant (RIG * rig, vfo_t vfo, ant_t * ant);
int kenwood_get_ptt(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, ptt_t *ptt);
int kenwood_set_ptt(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, ptt_t ptt);
int kenwood_set_ptt_safe(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, ptt_t ptt);
int kenwood_get_dcd(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, dcd_t *dcd);
int kenwood_vfo_op(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, vfo_op_t op);
int kenwood_set_mem(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, int ch);
int kenwood_get_mem(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, int *ch);
int kenwood_get_mem_if(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, int *ch);
int kenwood_get_channel(RIG *rig, channel_t *chan);
int kenwood_set_channel(RIG *rig, const channel_t *chan);
int kenwood_scan(RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, scan_t scan, int ch);
const char * kenwood_get_info(RIG *rig);
int kenwood_get_id(RIG *rig, char *buf);

int kenwood_set_trn(RIG *rig, int trn);
int kenwood_get_trn(RIG *rig, int *trn);

/* only use if returned string has length 6, e.g. 'SQ011;' */
int get_kenwood_level(RIG *rig, const char *cmd, int cmd_len, float *f);

extern const struct rig_caps ts950sdx_caps;
extern const struct rig_caps ts50s_caps;
extern const struct rig_caps ts140_caps;
extern const struct rig_caps ts450s_caps;
extern const struct rig_caps ts570d_caps;
extern const struct rig_caps ts570s_caps;
extern const struct rig_caps ts680s_caps;
extern const struct rig_caps ts690s_caps;
extern const struct rig_caps ts790_caps;
extern const struct rig_caps ts850_caps;
extern const struct rig_caps ts870s_caps;
extern const struct rig_caps ts930_caps;
extern const struct rig_caps ts2000_caps;
extern const struct rig_caps k2_caps;
extern const struct rig_caps k3_caps;
extern const struct rig_caps trc80_caps;

extern const struct rig_caps thd7a_caps;
extern const struct rig_caps tmd700_caps;
extern const struct rig_caps thf7a_caps;
extern const struct rig_caps thf7e_caps;
extern const struct rig_caps thg71_caps;
extern const struct rig_caps tmv7_caps;

extern const struct rig_caps ts440_caps;
extern const struct rig_caps ts940_caps;
extern const struct rig_caps ts711_caps;
extern const struct rig_caps ts811_caps;
extern const struct rig_caps r5000_caps;

extern const struct rig_caps ts480_caps;
extern const struct rig_caps ts590_caps;
extern const struct rig_caps thf6a_caps;

/* use when not interested in the answer, but want to check its len */
static int inline kenwood_simple_transaction(RIG *rig, const char *cmd, size_t expected)
      char buf[20];
      return kenwood_safe_transaction(rig, cmd, buf, sizeof(buf), expected);

/* no answer needed at all */
static int inline kenwood_simple_cmd(RIG *rig, const char *cmd)
      char buf[20];
      return kenwood_safe_transaction(rig, cmd, buf, sizeof(buf), 0);

/* answer is the same as the command */
static int inline kenwood_cmd(RIG *rig, const char *cmd)
      char buf[20];
      int lenz = strlen(cmd)+1;

      if (lenz > sizeof(buf))
        return -RIG_ENOMEM;
        return kenwood_safe_transaction(rig, cmd, buf, sizeof(buf), lenz);

#endif /* _KENWOOD_H */

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