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Public Attributes

rig_state Struct Reference

Rig state containing live data and customized fields. More...

#include <rig.h>

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Public Attributes

ann_t announces
int attenuator [MAXDBLSTSIZ]
chan_t chan_list [CHANLSTSIZ]
int comm_state
freq_t current_freq
rmode_t current_mode
vfo_t current_vfo
pbwidth_t current_width
hamlib_port_t dcdport
struct filter_list filters [FLTLSTSIZ]
setting_t has_get_func
setting_t has_get_level
setting_t has_get_parm
setting_t has_set_func
setting_t has_set_level
setting_t has_set_parm
int hold_decode
int itu_region
gran_t level_gran [RIG_SETTING_MAX]
shortfreq_t max_ifshift
shortfreq_t max_rit
shortfreq_t max_xit
int mode_list
rig_ptr_t obj
gran_t parm_gran [RIG_SETTING_MAX]
int poll_interval
int preamp [MAXDBLSTSIZ]
rig_ptr_t priv
hamlib_port_t pttport
hamlib_port_t rigport
freq_range_t rx_range_list [FRQRANGESIZ]
cal_table_t str_cal
int transceive
struct tuning_step_list tuning_steps [TSLSTSIZ]
freq_range_t tx_range_list [FRQRANGESIZ]
vfo_t tx_vfo
double vfo_comp
int vfo_list

Detailed Description

Rig state containing live data and customized fields.

This struct contains live data, as well as a copy of capability fields that may be updated (ie. customized)

It is fine to move fields around, as this kind of struct should not be initialized like caps are.

Definition at line 1376 of file rig.h.

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