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rotator.h File Reference

Hamlib rotator data structures. More...

#include <hamlib/rig.h>
#include <hamlib/rotlist.h>
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struct  rot
 This is the master data structure, acting as a handle for the controlled rotator. More...
struct  rot_caps
 Rotator data structure. More...
struct  rot_state
 Live data and customized fields. More...


 Token in the netrotctl protocol for returning error code.
#define rot_debug   rig_debug
 Convenience definition for debug level.
 A macro that returns the flag for the counterclockwise direction.
 A macro that returns the flag for the clockwise direction.
#define ROT_MOVE_DOWN   (1<<2)
 A macro that returns the flag for the DOWN direction.
#define ROT_MOVE_LEFT   (1<<3)
 A macro that returns the flag for the LEFT direction.
#define ROT_MOVE_RIGHT   (1<<4)
 A macro that returns the flag for the RIGHT direction.
#define ROT_MOVE_UP   (1<<1)
 A macro that returns the flag for the UP direction.
#define ROT_RESET_ALL   1
 A macro that returns the flag for the reset operation.
#define ROT_TYPE_OTHER   0


typedef float azimuth_t
 Type definition for azimuth.
typedef float elevation_t
 Type definition for elevation.
typedef struct rot ROT
 Rotator structure definition (see rot for details).
typedef int rot_reset_t
 Type definition for rotator reset.


enum  rot_type_t { ROT_FLAG_AZIMUTH = (1<<1), ROT_FLAG_ELEVATION = (1<<2) }

Rotator type flags.



 HAMLIB_EXPORT (ROT *) rot_init HAMLIB_PARAMS((rot_model_t rot_model))
 HAMLIB_EXPORT (double) distance_long_path HAMLIB_PARAMS((double distance))
 HAMLIB_EXPORT (const struct rot_caps *) rot_get_caps HAMLIB_PARAMS((rot_model_t rot_model))
 HAMLIB_EXPORT (token_t) rot_token_lookup HAMLIB_PARAMS((ROT *rot
 HAMLIB_EXPORT (const struct confparams *) rot_confparam_lookup HAMLIB_PARAMS((ROT *rot
 HAMLIB_EXPORT (rot_model_t) rot_probe_all HAMLIB_PARAMS((hamlib_port_t *p))
 HAMLIB_EXPORT (const char *) rot_get_info HAMLIB_PARAMS((ROT *rot))
 HAMLIB_EXPORT (int) rot_open HAMLIB_PARAMS((ROT *rot))


azimuth_t azimuth
int(* cfunc )(const struct confparams *, rig_ptr_t)
rig_ptr_t data
int * degrees
int direction
double double double double * distance
azimuth_t elevation_t elevation
double lat1
double double double lat2
double latitude
double const char * locator
double char * locator_res
double double lon2
int minutes
const char * name
double char int pair_count
rot_reset_t reset
int double seconds
int int speed
int double int sw
token_t token
token_t const char * val

Detailed Description

Hamlib rotator data structures.

This file contains the data structures and definitions for the Hamlib rotator API. see the rotator.c file for more details on the rotator API.

Definition in file rotator.h.

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