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orion.c File Reference

Backend for Tentec Orion 565 / 566. More...

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <ctype.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <time.h>
#include <sys/time.h>
#include <hamlib/rig.h>
#include "bandplan.h"
#include "serial.h"
#include "misc.h"
#include "idx_builtin.h"
#include "orion.h"
#include <cal.h>
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static vfo_t tt2vfo (char c)
 Translate an Orion command character to internal token form.
int tt565_cleanup (RIG *rig)
 tt565_cleanup routine
int tt565_get_ant (RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, ant_t *ant)
 Find what antenna is "attached" to our vfo.
int tt565_get_freq (RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, freq_t *freq)
 Get the frequency currently set in the specified VFO (A or B)
int tt565_get_func (RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, setting_t func, int *status)
 get state of an Orion "function"
const char * tt565_get_info (RIG *rig)
 Get firmware identification, e.g., "Version 1.372".
int tt565_get_level (RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, setting_t level, value_t *val)
 Get the current value of an Orion "level".
int tt565_get_mem (RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, int *ch)
 Get the current memory channel number (only)
int tt565_get_mode (RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, rmode_t *mode, pbwidth_t *width)
 Get op. mode and bandwidth for selected vfo.
int tt565_get_ptt (RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, ptt_t *ptt)
 Get push to talk (Tx on/off)
int tt565_get_rit (RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, shortfreq_t *rit)
 Get Rx incremental tuning.
int tt565_get_split_vfo (RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, split_t *split, vfo_t *tx_vfo)
 Get the current split status and Tx vfo selection.
int tt565_get_ts (RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, shortfreq_t *ts)
 Get Tuning Step for VFO A or B.
int tt565_get_vfo (RIG *rig, vfo_t *vfo)
int tt565_get_xit (RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, shortfreq_t *xit)
 Get Tx incremental tuning (Main TRx only)
int tt565_init (RIG *rig)
 Basically, it just sets up *priv.
int tt565_open (RIG *rig)
 tt565_open routine
int tt565_reset (RIG *rig, reset_t reset)
 Restart Orion firmware.
int tt565_send_morse (RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, const char *msg)
 Send a string as morse characters.
int tt565_set_ant (RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, ant_t ant)
 Antenna selection for Orion.
int tt565_set_freq (RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, freq_t freq)
 Set a frequence into the specified VFO.
int tt565_set_func (RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, setting_t func, int status)
 Set an Orion "function".
int tt565_set_level (RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, setting_t level, value_t val)
 Sets any of Orion's "Level" adjustments.
int tt565_set_mem (RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, int ch)
 This only sets the current memory channel locally. No Orion I/O.
int tt565_set_mode (RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, rmode_t mode, pbwidth_t width)
 Set operating mode to RIG_MODE_x with indicated passband width.
int tt565_set_ptt (RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, ptt_t ptt)
 Set push to talk (Tx on/off)
int tt565_set_rit (RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, shortfreq_t rit)
 Set Rx incremental tuning Note: command rit != 0 ==> rit "on"; rit == 0 ==> rit "off".
int tt565_set_split_vfo (RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, split_t split, vfo_t tx_vfo)
 Set split operating mode.
int tt565_set_ts (RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, shortfreq_t ts)
 Set Tuning Step for VFO A or B.
int tt565_set_vfo (RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo)
 set RIG_VFO_CURR and send info to physical rig.
int tt565_set_xit (RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, shortfreq_t xit)
 Set Tx incremental tuning (Main TRx only) Note: command xit != 0 ==> xit "on"; xit == 0 ==> xit "off".
int tt565_transaction (RIG *rig, const char *cmd, int cmd_len, char *data, int *data_len)
 tt565_transaction, adapted from tentec_transaction (tentec.c)
int tt565_vfo_op (RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo, vfo_op_t op)
 perform a RIG_OP operation
static char which_receiver (const RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo)
 vfo must be RIG_VFO_MAIN or RIG_VFO_SUB
static char which_vfo (const RIG *rig, vfo_t vfo)
 vfo must be RIG_VFO_A, RIG_VFO_B, or RIG_VFO_NONE.

Detailed Description

Backend for Tentec Orion 565 / 566.

This documentation is experimental, to see how we can do it for the backends.
This backend tested mostly with firmware versions 1.372 and 2.062a

Definition in file orion.c.

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