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src Directory Reference

Directory dependency graph for hamlib-1.2.13/src/:


file  cal.c [code]

Calibration routines.

file  cal.h [code]
file  conf.c [code]

Rig configuration interface.

file  debug.c [code]

control hamlib debugging functions

file  event.c [code]

Event handling.

file  event.h [code]
file  ext.c [code]

Extension request parameter interface.

file  idx_builtin.h [code]
file  iofunc.c [code]

Generic file-based IO functions.

file  iofunc.h [code]
file  locator.c [code]

locator and bearing conversion interface

file  mem.c [code]

Memory and channel interface.

file  misc.c [code]

Miscellaneous utility routines.

file  misc.h [code]
file  network.c [code]

Network port IO.

file  network.h [code]
file  par_nt.h [code]
file  parallel.c [code]

Parallel Port IO.

file  parallel.h [code]
file  register.c [code]

Dynamic registration of backends.

file  register.h [code]
file  rig.c [code]

Ham Radio Control Libraries interface.

file  rot_conf.c [code]

Rotator Configuration Interface.

file  rot_conf.h [code]
file  rot_reg.c [code]

Dynamic registration of rotator backends.

file  rotator.c [code]

Rotator interface.

file  serial.c [code]

Serial port IO.

file  serial.h [code]
file  settings.c [code]

func/level/parm interface

file  token.h [code]

Token definitions.

file  tones.c [code]

CTCSS and DCS interface and tables.

file  tones.h [code]
file  usb_port.c [code]


file  usb_port.h [code]

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