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/*  Low-level receiver interface code.                                      */
/*  Copyright (C) 2000 WiNRADiO Communications.                             */
/*                                                                          */
/*  This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify    */
/*  it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by    */
/*  the Free Software Foundation; Version 2, June 1991.                     */
/*                                                                          */
/*  This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but     */
/*  WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of              */
/*  General Public License for more details.                                */
/*                                                                          */
/*  You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License       */
/*  along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software             */
/*  Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307,  */
/*  USA.                                                                    */

#ifndef _WRAPI_H_
#define _WRAPI_H_

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {

/*  WiNRADiO Information Features (capabilities) */

#define RIF_USVERSION   0x00000001  /*  set if hardware is US version */
#define RIF_DSP               0x00000002  /*  set if DSP is present */
#define RIF_LSBUSB            0x00000004  /*  set if receiver as CW/LSB/USB instead of SSB */
#define RIF_CWIFSHIFT   0x00000008  /*  set if receiver uses IFShift in CW (not BFOOffset) */
#define RIF_AGC               0x00000100  /*  set if receiver supports AGC on/off */
#define     RIF_IFGAIN        0x00000200  /*  set if receiver has manual IF gain control */

/*  WiNRADiO Modes */

#define RMD_CW    0
#define RMD_AM    1
#define RMD_FMN   2
#define RMD_FMW   3
#define RMD_LSB   4
#define RMD_USB   5
#define RMD_FMM 6             /*  50kHz FM */
#define RMD_FM6 7             /*  6kHz FMN */

/*  WiNRADiO Hardware Versions */

#define RHV_1000a 0x0100            /*  older WR-1000 series       */
#define RHV_1000b 0x010a            /*  current WR-1000 series */
#define RHV_1500  0x0132
#define RHV_1550  0x0137            /*  new WR-1550 receiver */
#define RHV_3000  0x0200            /*  Spectrum Monitor series */
#define RHV_3100  0x020a
#define RHV_3150  0x020f            /*  new WR-3150 receiver */
#define RHV_3200  0x0214
#define RHV_3500  0x0232
#define RHV_3700  0x0246
#define RHV_2000  0x0300

/*  frequency x10 multiplier (ie. 2-20 GHz maximum support) */

#define RFQ_X10         0x80000000L

/*  WiNRADiO Hardware Interfaces */

#define RHI_ISA         0
#define RHI_SERIAL      1

#ifndef FALSE
#define FALSE           0

#ifndef TRUE
#define TRUE            1

typedef unsigned long       DWORD;
typedef int                 BOOL;
typedef unsigned int          UINT;
typedef unsigned char       BYTE;
typedef unsigned short      WORD;
typedef float               FLOAT;
typedef FLOAT               *PFLOAT;
typedef BOOL                        *PBOOL;
typedef BOOL             *LPBOOL;
typedef BYTE                        *PBYTE;
typedef BYTE             *LPBYTE;
typedef int                         *PINT;
typedef int              *LPINT;
typedef UINT                        *PUINT;
typedef UINT             *LPUINT;
typedef WORD                        *PWORD;
typedef WORD             *LPWORD;
typedef long             *LPLONG;
typedef DWORD                       *PDWORD;
typedef DWORD            *LPDWORD;
typedef void             *LPVOID;

typedef int *MODELIST;

typedef struct _RADIOINFO
      DWORD       dwSize;                       /*  size of structure (must be set before calling GetRadioDeviceInfo) */
      DWORD       dwFeatures;             /*  bit flags for extra features (RIF_XXX) */
      WORD        wAPIVer;                /*  driver version */
      WORD        wHWVer;                       /*  hardware version (RHV_XXX) */
      DWORD       dwMinFreq;              /*  minimum frequency receiver can tune to */
      DWORD       dwMaxFreq;              /*  maximum frequency receiver can tune to */
    int         iFreqRes;                 /*  resolution of receiver in Hz  */
    int         iNumModes;                /*  number of modes that can be set  */
    int         iMaxVolume;               /*  maximum volume level  */
    int         iMaxBFO;                  /*  maximum BFO offset range (+/- in Hz)  */
    int         iMaxFMScanRate;           /*  maximum scan rate for FM scanning/sweeping */
    int         iMaxAMScanRate;           /*  maximum scan rate for AM scanning/sweeping */
    int         iHWInterface;       /*  physical interface radio is connected to (RHI_XXX) */
      int               iDeviceNum;             /*  logical radio device number      */
    int         iNumSources;        /*  number of selectable audio sources */
      int         iMaxIFShift;        /*  maximum IF shift */
      DWORD       dwWaveFormats;      /*  bit array of supported rec/play formats (RWF_XXX) */
      int               iDSPSources;            /*  number of selectable DSP input sources */
      LPMODELIST  lpSupportedModes;   /*  list of available modes (length specified by iNumModes) */
      DWORD       dwMaxFreqkHz;           /*  same as dwMaxFreq, but in kHz */
      char        szDeviceName[64]; /*  not used in DOSRADIO */
      int               iMaxIFGain;             /*  the maximum manual IF gain level */
      char descr[80]; /* Description (PB) */

int OpenRadioDevice(WORD);
BOOL CloseRadioDevice(int);
int GetRadioDeviceInfo(int, LPRADIOINFO);

int GetSignalStrength(int);

BOOL SetFrequency(int, DWORD);
BOOL SetMode(int, int);
BOOL SetVolume(int, int);
BOOL SetAtten(int, BOOL);
BOOL SetMute(int, BOOL);
BOOL SetPower(int, BOOL);
BOOL SetBFOOffset(int, int);
BOOL SetIFShift(int, int);
BOOL SetIFGain(int, int);

DWORD GetFrequency(int);
int GetMode(int);
int GetMaxVolume(int);
int GetVolume(int);
BOOL GetAtten(int);
BOOL GetMute(int);
BOOL GetPower(int);
int GetBFOOffset(int);
int GetIFShift(int);
BOOL GetAGC(int);
int GetMaxIFGain(int);
int GetIFGain(int);
char *GetDescr(int);

#ifdef __cplusplus

#ifdef __KERNEL__
/* Hooks called when rescheduling */
extern void (*yield_hook)();
extern void (*reenter_hook)();


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