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int HAMLIB_API par_read_data ( hamlib_port_t port,
unsigned char *  data 

Receive data on Parallel port.


Definition at line 192 of file parallel.c.

References hamlib_port_t::fd, rig_debug(), RIG_DEBUG_ERR, RIG_EIO, RIG_ENIMPL, and RIG_OK.

Referenced by par_dcd_get().

      int status;
      status = ioctl(port->fd, PPRDATA, data);
      return status == 0 ? RIG_OK : -RIG_EIO;
#elif defined(HAVE_DEV_PPBUS_PPI_H)
      int status;
      status = ioctl(port->fd, PPIGDATA, &data);
      return status == 0 ? RIG_OK : -RIG_EIO;
#elif defined(WIN32)
      char ret;
      unsigned int dummy;

      if (!(DeviceIoControl((HANDLE)(port->fd), NT_IOCTL_STATUS, NULL, 0, &ret, 
                  sizeof(ret), (LPDWORD)&dummy, NULL))) {
            rig_debug(RIG_DEBUG_ERR, "%s: DeviceIoControl failed!\n", __FUNCTION__);

      return ret ^ S1284_INVERTED;
      return -RIG_ENIMPL;

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