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enum rig_conf_e

parameter types

Used with configuration, parameter and extra-parm tables.

Current internal implementation NUMERIC: val.f or val.i COMBO: val.i, starting from 0. Points to a table of strings or asci stored values. STRING: val.s or val.cs CHECKBUTTON: val.i 0/1

RIG_CONF_STRING  String type
RIG_CONF_COMBO  Combo type
RIG_CONF_NUMERIC  Numeric type integer or real
RIG_CONF_BUTTON  Button type

Definition at line 509 of file rig.h.

      RIG_CONF_STRING,  /*!<  String type */
      RIG_CONF_COMBO,         /*!<  Combo type */
      RIG_CONF_NUMERIC, /*!<  Numeric type integer or real */
      RIG_CONF_CHECKBUTTON,   /*!<  on/off type */
      RIG_CONF_BUTTON         /*!<    Button type */

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